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  1. The Boys in Blue (Cannon and Ball) Classic !
  2. linus2

    Fury as judge frees paedophile teacher

    Just clarify something for me if you would. Are you making a suggestion that this is a victimless crime?
  3. linus2

    Amy Winehouse is dead.

    The death of another alcoholic smackhead is not news
  4. I've always thought that having a cap on legal aid for each person would work well. ie. every person is entitled to a set amount of legal aid money. As soon as this limit is reached then it stops. For ever.
  5. Imitation is the best form of flattery
  6. Paul couldn't be pushed into a river whilst "just trying to do his job" as Paul doesn't have a job. That is unless you call being a pubescent acne sufferer with no friends other than "virtual" ones, or social life that does not involve Youtube/Pornsites are us/guns.com delete where applicable a job.
  7. linus2

    Arming Police

    How far is surprisingly far? As far as something that is little more than a sect 2 shotgun perhaps. Or perhaps as far as the .22 rifle he had, and are you really talking about using a pistol for suppressive fire?
  8. linus2

    Leeds cable burns man 'unrecognisable'

    A better headline for the story would have been "Scrote gets summary justice".
  9. Having read the questionnaire, i agree with Desmatas comments. I would also ask why you have chosen to use the word "violence", as it is a far more emotive word than "force". Also, you have chosen a clip of Police public order footage from over 25 years ago, and are asking if the viewer thinks the Police handled the situation correctly. Are you asking whether it was dealt with correctly for the time or by todays standards? Also the Rodney King video, which shows the Police using force against an individual, but shows nothing of the run up to this force being used and you then ask whether this force was justifiable. This is a very leading question and will only attract one answer. Due to the wording used and the very narrow questioning and available answers, i lost all interest in it at this point. When all said and done, the level of force used by any Police Officer, indeed, any person, it has to be justifiable, necessary and proportionate to the threat.
  10. linus2

    Police swearing

    Nit picking in what way? I am not a public servant, i provide a service to the public but am not their servant. The public do not make police policy, the goverment do, on behalf of the crown. Members of the public that "pay my wages" also pay the wages of everyone else whether it be through taxation of other means. I bought a power drill from B & Q the other day, does that mean i can gob off with the do as i say cos i pay your wages rubbish the next time i pop in for a bag of nails. :whistle2:
  11. linus2

    Police swearing

    Negative. We are Crown Servants. The Crown pays our wages via the goverment of day. The tax payer pays into one massive pot and from that, all Crown and public services are run. To say that one individual pays Police Officers wages is really old hat, nothing other than a pathetic attempt for an individual to have a pop. Have you ever uttered those imortal words to a paramedic? Your GP? The person who doesn't repair the potholes in your road? The average police precept for the last year was £161, or just over 44p per day. The annual amount is just about enough money to fuel the car i drive at work for 1 day and the daily amount wouldn't even get me to the petrol station. As for Officers swearing, in general conversation with the public, it should not be done and from experience, is rarely done, however, as has been stated above on several occassions, there is a time and a place for it. Always speak with people at a level they will understand.
  12. linus2

    Where is your idea of "The front line"

    Agreed. I personally don't think anything should belong to the private sector within the Police as profit will always come before all else. I think the reason behind the defining of the "front line" is that the government have stated that there will be no cuts to it, not what can be privatised. However, as there is no definition of "it", then how is anyone able to tell whether it's being cut or not.
  13. linus2

    Where is your idea of "The front line"

    CID is a huge area of Policing with many roles or other departments within a department, however, i would say that it falls behind the front line by some tune. Even the squads within CID that get "hands on" are not front line officers. Again, they all (nearly) perform an important role within the Police, just not on the front line. Where do you think they fall?
  14. linus2

    Where is your idea of "The front line"

    This does it for me also. Anyone who is rostered to work 24/7. In my Farce that would be response, RPU, firearms, dogs and custody staff. I know that there are a great many departments in the Police that are very important, CPPU, OSU, CID etc, but these are NOT front line.