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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone, I recently heard the news from CC blog that MOD intend to recruitment 120 and an advert is due to be released end Sept 2013. I have been waiting for recruitment to start up again since 2009, had application but was not the right time to apply. My step father is a serving PC and has been for 25 years, one of my inspirations to join and a great support I have spoken with the recruitment team, they really have no idea what and how they will recruit, she could not give me any advice on how to improve my chances, apparently they are still looking at how recruitment will take form, interesting??!! Anyway, I really would love to hear from anyone that is/has been a serving member of MOD Police, especially anyone who has specialised in the Marine Unit (life long goal!!). Any tips/hints would be much appreciated, what's going to get my application noticed? How is recruitment going to take form? Thanks to all that can help!