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Found 2 results

  1. I am leaving the UK to join the police service from the country I originate from; they use chain-link cuffs but are open to officers using their own batons and cuffs (unfortunately I won't get a choice of sidearm). Because I used to work security before my current job, I made a number of friends in the police. When I asked them for a recommendation as to which cuffs to use back home, a great deal of them recommended the Hiatts speedcuffs. Having procured a set and being shown a demonstration of how they work, I was quite impressed with the many ways in which it could be used in rear-front stacking and pain compliance. My question to the serving members here is where is the most comfortable position to mount these cuffs when carrying a sidearm? I notice that most officers tend to mount them where the handgun should be (right hip), usually faced upwards in a 45 degree angle. Because I've never worn them before, what would your recommendations for speedcuff positioning on the duty belt be with relation to a sidearm bearing in mind I will have to sit in a car as part of my duties. Thanks in advance.
  2. Pastypies

    Pistol Shooting

    I've noticed there have been a few people on here saying that the gun laws in this country have become so tight now that it is simply illegal to partake in some shooting sports. One assumes by this these people are referring to the .22 calibre pistol ban introduced by the Labour Party. I don't think anyone here is naïve enough to believe this ban was introduced for anything other than pure political capital and to take a swipe at those on the centre right which make up the vast majority of the shooting community. In the clubs in which I shoot and have shot in over the years a good proportion of the members are serving or retired police officers and ex services. At times we often joke there are more police than civilians, I don't think many members of the public realise just how many police partake in the shooting sports. Every police officer I speak to who is also a shooter wants to be able to shoot pistols again all be it just .22 calibre, they are no different than all the other civilian shooters who also want the same thing. The trouble here is nobody seems to want to do anything about it or to be more realistic they think nothing now can be done about it. I have to say I disagree with this approach and believe something not only can be done but also should be done but ironically I think it will take the police to do it. If thirty thousand people sign a petition to the Home Secretary suggesting that .22 pistols should be reclassified back to Section 1 it will get put straight into the bin. On the other hand if three hundred or even just thirty police officers do the same thing and at the same time inform the media of what they have done things might just start moving. I would propose a trade off in as much as bringing back the .22 calibre pistols but at the same time getting rid of the high powered long barrelled revolvers which are not handguns only by a legal technicality, who needs a .44 magnum LBR to shoot targets, what is more who can afford to shoot targets with a .44 magnum? You can own a .50cal sniper rifle or a Sagia 12 with a 20 round drum loaded with slugs on a Section 1 licence but not a .22 calibre pistol, politics has simply barged common sense out of the way here.