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Found 12 results

  1. Evening all! I am finally through to the last round in the never ending recruitment campaign. I am just waiting for a provisional start date before vetting begins. Is there anyone else out there at the same stage? I passed my final interview, medical and fitness on 5 November 2016, just wondering how long I will be waiting for another email to confirm posting preferences. I live in Plymouth, this will be my primary choice, I have been told that it could be an eight month wait (or longer) until start....which I am not fussed about, seeing as I'm in the process of leaving HM Forces. Just wondering if anyone has any experience where else is worth asking for just in case? I was thinking: Exeter, Torbay or possibly E Cornwall. Barnstaple is a bit far for a daily commute. Cheers Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  2. Hi all, First post here. I wondered how many had recently applied to Hampshire Constabulary on the June/July 2016 recruitment drive? I understand that Hampshire conduct initial interviews prior to national SEARCH assessment. Has anyone had recent experience of these initial interviews? I can see the advantages of interviewing applications prior to paying to put them through the national process, just wondered how different this interview is to the normal 'final interview' post SEARCH. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Hi all, Looking for as much information as you can possibly throw at me regarding the recruitment process as it is just now (be really handy if anyone in training at Tulliallan just now or recent probationers were on here and had a bit of advice). Just trying to find out as much about the job as possible and the recruitment process, a more specific place to start could be can anyone tell me how G division is? Want to stick that down as my first choice (and hopefully get it) as It'd be great to get the city centre beat. Also looking to find out whats involved in the fitness test, would say Im relatively fit at the moment don't think the bleep test will be an issue (unless you guys can tell me differently that its incredibly tough?) but is there anything else involved I should think about? Anyone on here submitted an application recently and has any tips would be great? Lastly I've heard that recruitments wide open just now i.e. they're really trying to get numbers up so its easier to get through the paper sift right now, any truth to this that anyones heard of? Don't get me wrong Im not by any means looking to sail through it or be ticked through it I know it'll be a challenge, and its one Im looking forward to but if Im going to stand a better chance of getting in by putting in an application ASAP rather than in the next 2-3 weeks then I'm going to give myself the best chance possible and do it as soon as. Thanks in advance guys (and lasses)
  4. ant150482

    Gmp final interview

    Hi guys I have had my final interview for gmp last Thursday, I am a bit worried for my results as people who has done it the same time, earlier and after mine have had there results and passed. Is this normal as I am worried it may mean I have failed? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. MikeLowrey

    Suffolk And Norfolk Constabulary

    Hi Guys, I thought id bring up a new topic for Suffolk and Norfolk. Ive recently been invited to my Final Board Interview on 3rd October Where is everyone else at? I'd appreciate hearing from people! Amy
  6. Goldy7694

    Revision Guide.

    Hi Folks. I did look for similar post to this but could not find one. I am aiming to do my Sgt's exam in due course. I am wondering if anyone has put together their own guide on what to revise in detail, helpful tips and aide-memories. Also, recommendations for good books would be helpful too.
  7. Magneto

    Patrol Footwear (Boots)

    Hi all, I'm after a brand spanking new set of boots that are fit for general duties (not PSU). I want a premium product and I'm interested to hear what you are all wearing currently. Pros/Cons and the like. Thanks. Let the brand battle commence.
  8. Hi guys, I recently passed my AC and have a final interview soon for a PC role. The final interview is 20 minutes long, which seems very short. Anyone had such a short interview before? Not sure exactly what to expect from a 20 minute interview and how to prepare for it :/ ? Any general advice or areas to look at to help? Would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Hi I am currently in the process of applying to join Merseyside Police after deciding to leave the Army. I got a little excited when first applying and applied to the first force within 100miles of were I am living now that were recruiting which was Merseyside, I grew up in Merseyside and know the area very well so it would have been perfect however, I am currently living near York and since completing and passing the assessment centre the Mrs has been offered a fantastic career opportunity which requires her to remain living were we are. Now I've looked at commuting and it's at least a 2 hour drive from were we are now to Merseyside and I've compromised and said we can move 1 hour from Liverpool and 1 hour from York however haven't really found a suitable Village/Town that suits us. ​I'm looking at all options and was wondering would there be a chance of moving my application to another force like West Yorkshire or even North? I've heard a rumour I can reapply and use my old assessment centre results with a new application, not sure how true that is though. Or if anyone commutes an hour to Merseyside already and could suggest some places to live that are as near to Yorkshire as possible? ​Thanks.
  10. So, I have done my assessment centre, I have done my final in-house interview, I have done my biometric testing and now have my medical and fitness booked in for a few weeks time. They have contacted me asking me whether they can contact my referees. Im a bit confused really as I haven't even passed my fitness yet and they are contacting my current employer. My question is really, is this normal? what is the normal order that they do all the different stages? I have been worrying about passing vetting, does this mean I have now passed vetting?
  11. potentialrecruit2012

    Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone managed to get through to Derbyshire last week and get allocated an application pack? I'm on the session at Ripley HQ on the 26th May. Would be nice to speak to people who are going through the recruitment process :) Thanks!
  12. potentialrecruit2012

    Employment History

    Hello guys, I am going to be filling in my first application form to be a police officer in the next few weeks, and I was just wondering about my employment history. I am currently finishing my MA in social work and as part of this I have been out on placement. Does a placement count as full-time/part-time employment or not as I was not paid? Or does it belong in the section where it asks about other skills that we have? Hope this makes sense! Thank you :) Emma