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Found 12 results

  1. George11

    Tulliallan PT

    Just a quick one, I was wondering how often do you do PT at Tulliallan? The reason I ask is because at my initial interview as I was asked, "How will you fit fitness around your studying while at college?" - and this got me thinking. Am I just over-analyzing that question, or is there more focus on the academic side at Tulliallan and they leave a lot of the fitness in your hands to improve? Many thanks, George
  2. I'm 18 and from England, I am following my dream and applied to Strathclyde (I appreciate this will cease to exist as of 1/4/2013) in late September of last year (with the desire to start an exciting career), I'm to go up to East Kilbride for a second time in early February to do my initial fitness (due to individual circumstances I've done the SET - of which was passed - and fitness on separate dates). As a lot of you may know the situation for policing in England and Wales is pretty dire, especially now these Winsor reforms have come into effect! My question is purely hypothetical, as an 18 year old who lives in England, will this reflect badly on me in the latter stages of recruitment? I come from a policing family, my father is a current serving DS, his father and grandfather were also police officers (South Wales), I have two very close friends, both their parents are Inspectors, and they all give me information and tips etc. I have been working for the best part of 5 months in a bar where you get a diverse array of costumers, as a result you must practice accommodating for individual needs, and all the 7 core competencies which police are required to possess I have been able to demonstrate in this job. I do voluntary work for a charity my mum works for and have done voluntary work at a local primary school as a classroom assistant. It sounds cliched, but I do generally care about peoples well being and like to know people are safe. I appreciate any feedback you guys have, Kind regards, George
  3. Just a quick one... A while back (late summer 2012), I was the back-seat passenger in a friends car, we were innocently driving around, as all of us had recently passed our driving tests and the novelty of driving had yet to be worn off. We must have been out on this 'cruise' (a weekly occurrence); however, this time til around 4am (yes it's odd, but simply we had nothing better to do). A police van clocks us and pulls us over, the two officers come over and state there have been robberies in the area and they have seen the vehicle we were all in a few times. One officer proceeded to say he will search us and the vehicle, not before they check all our ID, so we comply and hand over our ID to the other officer who went off back to the van and I can only presume did some background checks, he came back no more than 5 minutes later and said "everything's fine" and gave our ID back. The search on us and the vehicle never took place, instead they decided to spend the next 20 minutes talking to us all about getting into the police and their career backgrounds (although they were both fairly cynical of the force!!) - which was great for me! Overall after the initial stop we had a friendly banter, we all then said bye, we went one way they officers another. I've never really thought much of it, but ever since I've been in the process for Strathclyde, I'm becoming really paranoid, should I write a letter and disclose this event, or is really nothing to worry about, that was the only time I've ever been involved with police, other than helping them or simply inquiring regarding police officer careers. Hope you can shine some light on this issue, Many thanks, George
  4. Hi, having passed my final interview and accepting a conditional offer with Strathclyde Police, personal circumstances now mean I am no longer able to take up the position. Please note, it wasn't my intention to waste anyone in the recruitment department's time, I did intend to take up appointment and was relishing the opportunity. However, family issues (long story) are forcing me to withdraw from the process. What is the best way to do this? I haven't undertaken my final fitness yet and of course I will inform recruitment, but I was just wondering if anyone had experience in how best to deal with this sort of thing? Many thanks A
  5. jodz123


    I Applied in september closing date was 21st septmeber has anyone who applied at this time heard anything?
  6. Hi all, Ive applied sep 20th this year which was just before the recruitment deadline. just posting this to see if anyone else is in the same boat/ possibly in same recruitment pool?
  7. Hi there! New to the forums and I am just in the process of doing the application for Strathclyde police. Hoping to get it sent in by the end of this week. Anyone have any idea of the closing date for this recruitment drive? I applied just before the last recruitment freeze and at that time all you had to do was write a personal statement. I passed the paper siveve then and was waiting on a fitness test date when the freeze happened. Now with the new application Im struggling a bit with the questions, anyone else in the same boat. :) C
  8. ConorA

    Strathclyde police questions

    Hi, I'm currently 17 and am set on joining the police force.I have a few questions which any currently serving officers could answer. How long does the recruitment stage usually take to be completed? What is the general age of officers as im applying as soon as I turn 18? Are there great risks involved in policing? Thanks Conor
  9. TheNewGuy

    Application Stress

    Hey everyone, sorry to be such a post hog but I'm really struggling with the completion of my application form. These two sections are the only things holding up my completion. Q2 "It is vitally important in Scotland’s diverse society, that Police Officers respect the lifestyle, culture or beliefs of others even if these differ significantly from the officer’s own experiences. Think of an example of an occasion when you have shown respect for the lifestyle,culture or beliefs of someone, even though they differed significantly from your own and you might even have disagreed with them." (i) Tell us how the situation arose and how you and the other person differed. (ii) Which aspect of the difference did you find most difficult to deal with? (iii) Tell us exactly what you did. (iv) If you hadn’t acted as you did, what do you think would have been the likely consequence? Q3 "It is important that Police Officers are flexible in their approach and are well motivated to get things done without having to be told. Tell us about an occasion when you had to complete a difficult task even though it might not have been your job or responsibility to do so." (i) What was the situation and what motivated you to complete the task? (ii) Exactly what did you do and how did other people react? (iii) List the skills you used when completing this task. I understand these questions and how important they are as part of the application process. I have looked around this forum and some others for some help. I see some people are able to use certain situations as they fit the criteria of the question. It's also said that everyone has something that they can put. My question is what to do when there is literally nothing to answer this with :sad: Regarding Q3, I did think of a task in my first job as I was only a sales advisor yet I was made to paint part of the store however this seems very trivial and not exactly something that could be a fitting answer. Thanks for any help you can give!
  10. Just wondering If anyone has applied for the September intake for strathclyde specials? I'm a student in my second last year, so hopefully if I get this, it will help in my application for regulars when I graduate! Just sent my form off yesterday and got an email today saying that it was blank, so I had to send another one! Hopefully this does not make me look like a plank. Hopefully hear back from them soon!
  11. claire19855

    pass papers or dvd help

    Hey all, Im just at the stage were Im sending my application. Been reading on different forums about people buying pass papers and dvds on how to pass the interview. Not getting my hopes up that Ill get an interview but just starting to look now just incase. Has anyone applying in Strathclyde police done this? it seems on the forums that it is more people south of the border?? Is doing your own research enough or do these DVD things on how to pass really help. Any views and thoughts would be much appriciated. Would be good to hear from people who have passed with and without the help of these aids. thanks Claire
  12. Hey there I sat my SET and fitness last week and passed both, and now have my initial interview next week. Im still awaiting the letter confirming the details and telling me what to bring etc, but a time and date has been set. Does anyone know a rough timeline for the whole application process, should i pass the initial and move onto the next stage? I understand vetting times can vary - but if im lucky enough to pass next week, when could i expect to be called in for a final iterview, and how much longer after that would be the final fitness medical? Lastly, should i pass all of that, when could i expect to be invited to Tulliallan to begin training, do they have set start dates etc, and would i have to hit any deadlines to be included in any scheduled intakes at the start of 2012? Im aware the process is a thorough and can be legthy process, but would be nice if i had a better uderstanding of how it all comes together. Im also currently in employement and potentially have a legthy notice period, so need to cover all bases! I appreciate im asking quite a few questions, so any help / advice is appreciated !