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Found 5 results

  1. ErnestoGonzaga


    I'm applying just now and I have had a beard for 10 years. It's usually massive but I've cut it down to a reasonable neat length. Suppose I get in, (grampian) what are the chances of me getting to keep it? I know it's not a huge deal and if I got in I'd shave it off if required. But, it's become a bit of my identity, much in thhe same way tattoos are for some people. Thoughts?
  2. liamhopkins87

    Scottish Law

    Hi guys, My first post on here so please bear with, I am through to the assesment centre for Grampian Police which i am chuffed about. I am however at a slight disadvantage in the sense that, I live in England and for the past 25 years have lived by english law. Does anybody have any good websites or suggestions on scottish law differences. In my interview they pointed out that this is an area I need to look into. I plan to go up to Aberdeen a few days before my interview and have organised meetings with current police officers just to try and gather information more than anything. Any help / guidance will be greatly received Liam.
  3. Hi everybody! Just been accepted to Grampian Police and will be starting Tulliallan in Janrary 2013. Thought i would start a wee topic to see if anybody else was is on that intake, and basically any queries or questions about going! At Tulliallan is there bedding provided or do we have to take our own? ie. duvet? Anybody got some useful tips or advice such as other things to bring that aren't listed on the sheet provided? Cheers! :)
  4. ErnestoGonzaga

    Glasgow, heading to aberdeen!

    Hello there, I'm Phil. I'm going up to aberdeen for my SET, fitness and interview on sunday! Looking forward to it. I will be devistated at losing my beard though cause I've had one for ten years! I always said though, "The only way I'll shave is if I become a police officer." Here's hoping a get to shave it off.
  5. Hi, I applied for police constable with Grampian Police and I received an email yesterday to say I've been invited to the recruitment day on the 31st of August. I firstly have to sit the SET exams and if successful will do the fitness test straight after and if I'm again successful I will have my interview that afternoon. I've been practising the exams and my fitness levels are pretty good so my main worry is the interview so I was just wondering could anyone help me with this?? What kind of questions are asked and how long is the interview and do they mainly focus on the answers you would have given on your application form? Any tips that any one might have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!