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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, first-time post... I am a serving member of the met (PCSO) which I joined with a view to becoming a PC. Passed all of my assessments; now I have received an email saying I failed my vetting. I know why it is (although third party info can't be given by vetting)... My dad got arrested in the year between my PCSO vet and now. I was so disgusted I moved house ASAP, but there has not been a resolution to the case yet (no bail, no charge, no conviction or NFA) I severed contact with my father from this time; only seeing him at Christmas (and that was to read some of his documents for my appeal) What I would like to know is (and I appreciate these are opinions and shan't be taken as gospel) how you think my appeal will do... I have followed ACPO & ACPOS national vetting procedures for the policing community as well as met-specific SOP and quoted both to show that I took every step practicable to distance myself. I am already in a public facing role and have access to sensitive data already and my integrity has never been called into question (I have attached character reference from two sergeants) My appeal is based on a 'perverse decision' as per form 7288 - Appeal form. ACPOS SOP 17 - Third Party Risk Assessment points such as lack of knowledge of activity have been discussed (I didn't have a clue) but my fear is that they will refuse me because a family member is currently under investigation. I have never had dealings with police (apart from my job of course) and neither has anyone else I know. I have heard that the Met are really good when it comes to balanced decisions and I pray that they see that my current service is exemplary and I have done nothing wrong.. Of course they may just refuse as there is an ongoing investigation into a family member. I loathe being in this position that is not my doing. Any similar stories/success stories to keep my spirits up? Any posts at all would be good! Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Guys, I have just finished my day 2 and failed my medical as I'm deaf in my right ear, I now have to wait for an audiologist to come back to me for another hearing test which is more in depth. I was wondering if anyone has gone through this and did it affect your application. Also 6 years ago i had my licence suspended due to loss of points on my licence "I'm Australian and this all happened in Australia" . I have declared this at all the opportunities but i only just realised that they don't check any of this until the vetting stage. Will this mean a rejection on my application. I'm really worried that i have come this far and it is all going to go down the drain. Thanks for your help guys
  3. Hi all My husband has found out that he has passed the vetting stage. His day 1 was in May and his day 2 was in June. However, he has been invited (via a telephone call) to attend a meeting at New Scotland Yard. He has been told to take along his MPS contract number, his driving licence and his passport. He wasn't given any other details. Does anyone know what this is about? Is it a normal meeting that is part of the process? Other people seem to talk about a start date just being given to them. He does not have a start date yet. He has done the CKP apart from a few of the exercises online which will be completed within the next week or so. Perhaps the fact that he has an MPS contract number suggests that there is an offer set up within the system and a start date just needs to be inserted - but why does he have to go to New Scotland Yard?! Any light that could be shed about this forthcoming meeting would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance :-)
  4. Hi! I had my day 2 yesterday for the Met and passed all the bits that needed passing. The only thing is that due to an eye operation earlier on in the year I've been put on medical hold until the final check up with the hospital next week and the hospital officially discharging me from their care. I just wondered, will they start the vetting even though I'm on medical hold or will they wait for the all clear before they begin the vetting process? Thanks in advance!
  5. Airman101

    Urgent, please help

    Good evening all, Can anybody help I have just received my vetting forms to fill out however I have not spoken to my mother in 8 years so don't know her latest address or much about her side of the family. All I can do list last previous address. There is a box to explain such circumstance but will this result in an immediate fail. I am also in the Royal Air Force and am currently vetted above the police CTC but am unaware of how the police recruitment vetting works. Any help would greatly appreciated.
  6. Airman101

    Appeals Process

    Good Afternoon All, I am looking for some advice from anyone who has recently gone through the appeals process or knows if I am on to a dead end. Anyway I shall state my issue. I recently found out I failed my application against the PNC check (not knowing why) however I stated my only issues that may stop me from being eligible. These were: I was arrested due to being misidentified for an act of vandalism i did contest this however irrelevant I was still taken into custody that night, they did however just before we were charged received CCTV footage that clearly showed I was not anything to do with the incident and was instantly released without caution or charge. I did decare this. I also had to pay a council fine for discarding of a cigarette butt, however again this was paid straight away and also declared. This is where I feel I may have an issue as it was never declared however it is not on any of my work records or was it anything to do with the civilian police. 3 years ago a regiment sgt thought I was driving over the limit and wanted me breathalysed by the RAF police (not a civilian police authority). After being breathalysed I was confirmed under the limit, however not content with the result the regiment sgt wanted blood samples and thus I was taken into their custody for the day so they could take the samples. After being released that day without charge whilst they test the samples, it was the last I heard about it and this was as stated 3 years ago, I was told this was unlawful and as a result was never put on to any disciplinary record as it must have been dropped completely. So my question is am I right to appeal or do these result in a fail every time? Again any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi guys , Thought id start a new topic about the Appeals process as i can't really find any information about it . Im just wondering how long roughly the appeals take and what the process is , what the chances are etc . I had an email stating that i failed my vetting due to adverse info on the 17/3/14 and i filled in an appeals form that day and sent it off , this is for the Met by the way . I haven't heard anything back yet , so I'm just wondering what actually happens now ? Cheers !
  8. operationfirestorm

    Financial Checks after Identity Theft

    Hello, I have been looking through endless forum posts specifically for financial vetting information. I am well aware of the need to have a clean financial record however I wanted to know what the situation would be for me as I suffered the dreaded identity theft a few years ago and I have spent absolutely months and months trying to remove all the sickening records that are in my name on credit reference company databases. I have now removed 22 out of 26 so only 4 left. It has been a nightmare trying to convince the companies that I was not the one who borrowed the monies but most once they see the evidence do remove the information. I actually reported my identity to a local police station and received a crime number/sheet which has been something I have used to clear my financial records. The amounts are now less than 1K so something I could pay but it was not me! I am just working hard to prove that. My question is should I apply now to become a special or should I work through these last defaults on my name, as I have 4 defaults currently (not mine) but obviously in my name. Will my reporting my identity being stolen and used and the paperwork I have be enough evidence to get me through financial vetting? do you think? Or must I wait months until my file is totally clean? Your help and advice is most appreciated. OFS
  9. Hi Everyone, I hope someone can help me. I recently applied for a control room role with my local police. I got through the assessment phase and interviews and they made me a verbal offer for the job. References were given and they started medical and security checks, but I got a letter today stating I failed the security check with no reason why. I don't have a criminal record and so I am now concerned that my family or people I am associated with are dangerous or have a criminal past which I am unaware of. I have two young children and someone close to me has caused my check to fail. Is there anything I can do to find out who it is that failed this? I have applied for a copy of all information held on me, however I know this will not allow me to find out any information of my family or associates. I am worried for the safety of my children, what ever they found had to be serious enough to discard the fact I am the daughter of a Sergeant Major, Daughter-in-law of a Colonel with an MBE and ex-wife of a Naval Officer. Two of my cousins are in the Military Police and many are in the Military. I hope someone can help.
  10. Hello there everyone I like many others on these forums am hoping to have a career in the Police Force. I was of the lucky generation to leave University just as the repercussions of the "Credit Crunch" were being felt. Police recruitment was put on hold. With my future career stalled I like many others of my generation decided to go travelling and to live and work in Australia for a year. This would (and did) provide lots of "life experience" that I'd heard was so highly regarded when making an application to join the police force. After two years I've returned with the plan of joining a police force (any). However, I've since looked into the Vetting Procedure and discovered that the authenticating procedure (SOP2) requires that the applicant has resided in the UK for three years prior to the application. There are exceptions made, but only for a maximum of 6 months out of the country which doesn't get anywhere near the 22 months I was absent. I'm obviously gutted about this. I (rather desperately) found a line (7.7 SOP2) that admitted that if the applicant had been in a country that could be checked and vetted as thoroughly as the UK then there was no reason for the application to fail. My thinking was thus; if there are any countries to fall within that bracket then Oz was likely to be one. I've phoned the MET recruitment helpline and they told me that as a general rule anyone who hasn't been in the country is automatically failed. The guy on the phone hadn't heard of any such clause or such countries so I wasn't convinced with their answer. I do realise it could be just that that clause is there as future proofing for when different countries can co-operate. But I'd like someone to help me draw a line under it if they can. I can understand the reasons for this rule and that with Police recruitment already being competitive enough I need my application to be spotless. I was wondering if anyone could shine some light on this part of the vetting procedure: Whether there are any countries that can be vetted equally. Whether if I do have to wait 3 years to join the police at the age of 28 I would be a little on the mature side for only just joining the police force. Lastly if I won't be too old whether there is anything I could do in the 3 year wait period to aid my application (bearing in mind that all backroom staff, PCSOs and Specials have to go through the exact same vetting procedure and are therefore not options to me). ACPO Vetting Procedure: http://www.acpo.police.uk/documents/workforce/2010/201008WDNVP01.pdf Thanks Chris
  11. operationfirestorm

    When are we vetted? I am confused....

    Hi Guys, Another poster who unfortunately failed vetting has made me think! I went to Sulhamstead to show all my ID and educational certificates etc etc, ticked boxes, signed forms and was told everything seems fine. I went away and a month later I received an update online with a letter from TVP congratulating me on passing initial eligibility and that I would be receiving a letter soon inviting me to attend an assessment. Now that's whats happened thus far. My QUESTION! is when does vetting actually take place? before you go to assessment day or after? as this other guy said he failed vetting before being asked to the assessment day. Anyone shed some light on this for me? Cheers
  12. Just a quick one... A while back (late summer 2012), I was the back-seat passenger in a friends car, we were innocently driving around, as all of us had recently passed our driving tests and the novelty of driving had yet to be worn off. We must have been out on this 'cruise' (a weekly occurrence); however, this time til around 4am (yes it's odd, but simply we had nothing better to do). A police van clocks us and pulls us over, the two officers come over and state there have been robberies in the area and they have seen the vehicle we were all in a few times. One officer proceeded to say he will search us and the vehicle, not before they check all our ID, so we comply and hand over our ID to the other officer who went off back to the van and I can only presume did some background checks, he came back no more than 5 minutes later and said "everything's fine" and gave our ID back. The search on us and the vehicle never took place, instead they decided to spend the next 20 minutes talking to us all about getting into the police and their career backgrounds (although they were both fairly cynical of the force!!) - which was great for me! Overall after the initial stop we had a friendly banter, we all then said bye, we went one way they officers another. I've never really thought much of it, but ever since I've been in the process for Strathclyde, I'm becoming really paranoid, should I write a letter and disclose this event, or is really nothing to worry about, that was the only time I've ever been involved with police, other than helping them or simply inquiring regarding police officer careers. Hope you can shine some light on this issue, Many thanks, George
  13. nutty1990

    another vetting queastion

    hey guys pretty new here well as the titles says its another vetting queastion, i was previously in the military and pretty sure they do a vetting there when applying which i passed. was wondering if anyone knew if they go through the same procedure or do they do a more detailed vetting? use probz already know the feeling of worry about vetting already and im in that position right now. im squeaky clean but how far back can they check with family because i hardly know anything about mine or even talk to them
  14. Hey everyone! I'm currently filling in my application to join my local force. I am filling in all the details required for the vetting side of things and have comes questions. I've tried to look around but can't find an answer that fits my question fully, so I hope someone could help clear things up. "Details of Spouse / Civil Partner" Would a girlfriend fall into this category? I've seen some people have and haven't put this down. I'm just wondering is this case by case? "Details of previous Spouse / Civil Partner" Again a girlfriend of many years (5) should this be noted if its a yes to the above? Thanks for anyone who helps
  15. awrightbid


    Hi, I'm 19 and just applied for the L&B Special Constables, It has always been a dream of mine to join the police to become a Police Constable however, through many conversations with police officers in East Lothian I was suggested to apply for the Specials first so I have done so. I completed my vetting application today and whilst doing it I didn't know that my half sister had a criminal conviction. I don't have much contact with her so I'm just wondering how badly she has narrowed my chances of getting a pass. I don't want the recruitment staff to think I have been dishonest with them because I genuinely didn't have a clue about it because my lack of contact. It also stated that I shouldn't do any investigation on my own ie asking anyone I had relations with if they had a criminal background. I would really appreciate if someone could help me. I dread she has ruined my dreams!
  16. Hi folks, I'm new here and am wanting to submit my application form to the Police - it's all I have wanted to do for ever but I'm worried about recent events that may ruin my chances. Well, I am currently finishing my degree and as part of that we have to do some practice learning or "shadowing" of council workers. During my 2nd practice learning experience problems arose with me and my assessor who constantly belittled me and ground me down over the period of time to the point where I got a rash all over my body and was signed off with stress. The doctor wrote "stress" on my form as originally he was going to cite bullying but I wanted to try and deal with things professionally rather than raising the bullying/harassment grievance procedure. At that time it was also suspected that I had skin cancer and was awaiting an urgent biopsy result which I feel may have been affecting me. University have been very supportive and are looking for a new learning experience for me and in the 5 years at Uni there have never been any problems with my work, also my 1st learning experience went brilliantly. Put it this way, my father committed suicide when I was 13 - he was a prison officer at Preston and I was not signed off with any kind of stress then and I am such a resilient person, I am just worried how this recent incident may affect my application. I don't want to lie in my application form but this incident of "stress" was very recent (in the last few months) and I am concerned my application could be in vain. Also, how would a previous incidence of parental mental health affect things re. medical vetting? Thanks for any advice! P.S. I was signed off for 4 weeks (Not described as "unfit to work", rather the reasonable adjustment of a new learning experience), and I was not put on any medication. P.P.S. Biopsy result came back clear!
  17. Ramires7

    Vetting/CRC Checks

    Hi, The force I'm applying to requires me to collect a CRC check for a eight-month period of time I lived in Canada. I've tried organising one but it seems to take up to 11 weeks, which means I wouldn't be able to have it come through before the current start date. I heard a rumour that it was possible to pay a fee to speed up the process, or that there was some sort of express service, but can't seem to find any information on this, does anyone know anything further on this issue? Cheers.
  18. kellymcd1


    Hi I have never been in trouble from the police before but my dad has a couple of minor convictions from years ago, how likely is this to affect me during the vetting process? I have emailed the Recruitment Team with the details of what they are but vetting is carried out via another department so they were unable to give me any indication as to whether this would affect me. Thanks Kelly
  19. Suzanne Malcolm

    Failed vetting advice please

    Hi all, Just been going through the recruitment stages to become a regular and unfortunately I have failed the vetting due to undisclosed charges. The charges in question are both from the HM Forces not criminal and my question is what chances do I have appealing? The first charge was in 2003 during basic training and I genuinely forgot all about it - I was charged under " engaging in conduct or neglect prejudicial to good order and air force discipline" This came about on one of numerous inspections in the first 9 weeks of my 7 year career during basic training, I was asked by a NCO (non comissioned officer) carrying out the inspection if I had hoovered my bedspace to which I repplied "yes corporal" however he then found a plastic see through cigarette wrapper under my bed. He then charged my for lying to him. This had no impact on my career in the Royal Air Force as it was only a training charge and common place. Also a point to note the NCO was later demoted due to numerous complaints of harassment and genrally picking on candidates. The second and last charge happened 3 years into my career in 2006 and I was charged with "destroy or damage to property" - This was still in my memory and I was concerned about it affecting my chances of getting into the force, so prior to leaving the military I telephoned the section in charge of holding individual records (P1) and spoke to a woman about the incident and asked if it was on my record as although I hadn't commited an offence police were involved (at my request). She assured me my file was clean as although I had been charged it was a paperwork issue - The incident in question arose after a night out and on my return to my room realizing my key was missing. That normally wouldn't be a issue as spares are kept in the guardroom for just that reason, however the spare for my room was also missing. So as it was late and I needed a place to sleep I opted to kick my own door in and sort it out the following day when everything was open. I admited this to workservices straight away and took full liability for all costs to replace the door and everyone was happy. I also involved my boss from the start to make sure he was in the loop. A week passed and I had a phone call from the military police saying I needed to give a statement about what had happened and they apologised for the inconvenience. I was not punished and it had no affect on my career I was only charged the ammount the new door cost. So as you can see both events are in my view very trivial and the main issue was that they were not disclosed on my application. However I went down every route I could to find out if my file was clean before I applied and I would of put them on if they had shown up. In 20/20 hindsight I should of put them on regardless (although I forgot about the first one). I am very upset about failing as I really want to become a police officer and my integrity is now in question. I am going to appeal and explain the circumstances as I hope with the explanation above they can understand. I have also asked close friends in respectable jobs to give me character references as I belive that might help. Does anyone know if they can over rule a failed vetting in these circumstances? And also what chances do you think I have? Any help would be greatly appreciated