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UN Policing/ deployments and contacts.

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Hi all

Hope someone can help, after 4 years with TVP i'm starting to get that itch and move on! I've been doing a little research on UN policing something i was keen on doing before joining, as with most things i have gone through TVP's HR and they are not willing to release me for such duties nor help with who i need to make contact with!!i appriacte i need 5 years in before deployment but im just starting to get the ball rolling, if anyone can answer the following i would appreciate the info.

Which UK forces will allow UN deployments

Who do you make contact with to show interest.

Any info from a deployment or full move to UN policing.

Many thanks


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MDP provide a large of amount of both UN deployments as well as currently supplying officers to Afghanistan..we usually hear about potential overseas deployments through force orders in addition to having a dedicated International Policing section.

I know there is an International Policing section on facebook so you might try there to get the info you require...

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While it's not specifically UN polcing related, I've done some research into secondments with the FCO. I've attached a recruitment pack to this reply for your info.

Hope it helps!


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