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Afternoon all,

First post on here, and I've just requested my current force to transfer my application to Gwent.

With my current force I'd passed my assessment centre, final interview and fitness however there was an indefinite delay on a start date, and I was worrying about getting my application cancelled after my assessment results expire.

I've been advised by Gwent that I'd need to do an interview, fitness and medical with them.

The only worrying part is the interview....could any people who've had an interview with Gwent advise me?

What sort of interview is it? Panel?

Is it competency based? Or a more general sort of interview?

How long is it?

Do they let you know if you passed/failed afterward? Or via letter later on?

With my current force I had to do a presentation, and then it was a more general sort of interview about why I wanted to join the service, that force in particular, where I see myself in 10 years etc. Which they informed me I passed immediately afterward.

I'll be travelling over 200 miles for it, I don't want to fail at the last hurdle!

Cheers :)

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