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Police Officer Recruitment Plans – 2010/11

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Hey guys.

I found this when browsing, thought it may help some of you.

Intake of 22 on 29/03/10 to complete training on 20/08/10

• Intake of 22 on 26/04/10 to complete training on 17/09/10

• Intake of 22 on 31/08/10 to complete training on 28/01/11

• Intake of 22 on 27/09/10 to complete training on 25/02/11

• Intake of 12 on 27/09/10 to complete training on 10/12/10 (Fast Track PCSO’s)

• Intake of 22 on 10/01/11 to complete training on 03/06/11

• 28 Transferees to be recruited between April and December 2010.

(including the 5 transferees who are commencing on 6 April 2010)

150 new officers will have been recruited by December 2010.

(including the 22 commencing on 10 January 2010)

In addition to the above, there are provisional plans to have another intake of 22

Probationers commencing on 21 February 2011, which will allow the force to be

above establishment at the end of the financial year. All of these activities will

include plans to address diversity issues to ensure the force has a broad

representation of the community it serves.

Heres the full document.


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