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A question on vetting and family members

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Hi everyone, im hoping i could get some good information here. Back in 2007 i applied for the special constabulary in gloucestershire and passed the recruitement test, interview, medical and was then given a start date, 2 days later i get another letter saying my application has been rejected at the vetting stage. I thought i'd leave it a while and apply again.

I wrote to them 2 weeks ago to ask if i can reapply and today i was told that the origional decision still stands and i am not allowed to apply for any post within gloucestershire constabulary ever again.

Now, as you can imaging i was absolutely gutted. I have a caution i recieved when i was 15 (am now 27)for spraying my name on a trainstation shelter and thats the only trouble i have been in with the police.

My main concern is my 2 half brothers. I have only spoke to them a couple of times since i left home when i was 17. I have disowned them as they are a complete waste of space and apparantly they are always getting in trouble with the police for mainly fighting.

What i would like to know is, because of them, is my chances of becoming a special constable basically absolutely screwed? Im thinking of applying to Gwent Constabulary as a special constable as im hoping that if i apply to a different county to where they live i might be more successfull. I was also planning on attaching a letter to the application form saying about them and that i dont really know them and my caution. It just dont seem fair how 2 half brothers i dont have contact with can basically destroy my career :(,

Or even better, are there any police officers special constables who have been successfull at the vetting stage even though other members of their family have been in trouble with the police?

Just wanted to get your opinions before i decided wether to apply or not as im sure that some on you here may seen or heared about this problem. Its quite gutting being told you've been accepted and then being told you've been rejectedso any advice will be very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

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That must be a very difficult situation for you, Having something you really want to do being affected by people you don't have a great deal to do with.

You have already thought of the best thing to do and that is contact recruiting. Either by attaching a letter or by explaining the sitation to them over the phone. They may however say that they only look at those details at the vetting stage and may well only deal with your situation then.

My advice would be to tell them either by Phone/Letter as soon as practicable. If they say that they will deal with it during the vetting stage then all you can do is wait and keep everything crossed as you go through the process! If it is unsuccessful for the same reasons I would be looking to try and arrange a meeting with them so they can meet you as a person again, to male them see how you are now and you can fully explain about yourself and a your Brothers, as well as no longer having contact with them.

I hope it all works out!

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