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Specialised Units

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Hey guys,

I was just wondering what units would be avalable in the WMPD.

In the Essex Police there is a unit called 'The Interceptors', Does WMPD have this unit aswell/equivalent?

Cheers Guys!

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Might help if you gave us a clue what "The intercepters" do.

If you are referring to the TV programme where they all drive around in Subaru Impreza's then I suppose technically WMP do have a department that does that.

It's the traffic department.

They chase stolen cars and lock up drug dealers and burglars. However this forms a small part of a very skilled and varied role within the force, along with enforcing traffic offences, drink drivers, diqual drivers, road traffic collisions and lots of other things!

To get into the traffic department is the same as every other department. You do you two year probation period. You work hard, show an interest in traffic and when the vacancies are advertised you apply with everyone else.

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As westmidscop has said you definately will not be supported to go for any specialist team prior to completing your two years probation and even then it is rare to get onto such teams that quickly!

As for specialist teams there are many

Traffic, dogs, firearms, operational support unit(public order type specialists), cid, air ops (helicopter), airport, plus others!

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