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Darren Pallatina

Could anyone help me please?

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Sir's Ma'am's Ladies and Gents. my name is Darren Pallatina. im 27 years old, currently serving in the Army with the Royal Engineers. at this moment I am in afghanistan as part of the Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) Taskforce. I have 4 months left of my tour. and am looking to join the police. I am based in cambridge with 39 engineer regiment. I origionally live in north wales. but am willing to re-locate for work if the position arises. Would anyone be able to give me some advice on joining? maybe the best police county to join, the best section to push for? I was hoping after a few years, about trying to go down either Armed response, Bomb Disposal or Dog handler. does anyone know what the capacity of these positions are and weather they are recruiting for these?

any help would be greatly appreciated

D. Pallatina

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I hate to burst your bubble mate but hardly any recruiting , when i joined ,forces would bite your hand off if you were ex forces, the only recruiting in the Met are from PCSO's and Specials ( still a wait list) there is soon to be a whole new recruitment process whereby one has to complete a external law degree sort of course which then gives you credits towards your training.

Re the pay , no point going there as we are all awaiting the Windsor pay review , you are likely to earn a lot less and your pension will be far inferior even if you go on the 9% one

The Met have sold most of their estate/section houses and no or very few single accomodation.

Re a career path, well I think you need to walk before you can run , once you have got in then you can find out what careers available, obviously a bigger force like GMP or MET will give you more chances to specialise, CNC or MDP may utilise you military/IED/ firearms skills.

So my advice is to try the Civil Nuclear Constabulary who according to Police Review will be looking at 500 extra posts over next few years, or become a Special and join the queue.

Sorry but it's not good news if hoping to become a cop and I suspect with the defence redundancies quite a few in your position

Ps: Not a good idea to post your full name and unit employed with on a public forum

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I would be looking at CNC or even the MOD plod, you may get a better chance with MOD from where you are at the moment mate.

Im in the City nick just south of where you're based, you could always ask for an Op Insight ride out to see if you like it?.

Best wishes.

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Hate to also say it but if it's dogs and firearms that float your boat..... Your better off in the forces.

One job comes up for dogs every 2-5 years and from my experience, about 30-50 apply for the role. Don't join the police with the hope of becoming either as the chances are, it may not happen. I have always wanted dogs, 7 years on and I've only witnessed 2 jobs being created. Still waiting lol.

Good luck and all that. Do still try though as its a great career. But if you think you'll have a K9 under your wing after two years of service, think again.

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