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Judicial Review

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I have been granted a Judicial Review into the PMABS refusal to grant early release of my Police Pension. The board themselves are not allowed to defend the decision and I am waiting to see if Hants will try to defend it for them.

I will be amongst other things asking the Judicial review to declare that the defining word in Early Release of Police Pension due to Permant Disability should be Early and not Permant as has been the case previously. That the word early only applies upto and including 23July 2014 the date prior to the day my Pension is due. That on the day it is due the word early no longer applies so that the word permant then becomes irrelevant because even if they found and adminsered a cure on 24th July 2014 I would already have recieved my pension.

I will let you know the outcome in case any of you have to go through the process in the future.

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