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Western Australia Police are Recruiting (Closing Date: 22/5/13)

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Posted 05 August 2013 - 08:16 am

Scooter, I served in Leonora, (1973?) they were building the "new" station when I was there. That was an eye opener. We could only receive ABC radio until about 7pm then zilch - no tv.  I read a lot of books and wore out my LP's.  But I still had a great time - it's totally different policing, especially when they power station closed down every night after the pubs closed.

I know Larry very well, we were at Perth Traffic.

If you still ride a bike we might have to recruit you into the new Police Motorcycle Club of WA and ESMA (Emergency Services Motorcycle Association).


HB - I totally agree with Scooter, I loved Scotland , did a driving holiday all around few years back. I was gob-smacked going through the Cairngorms. I could'nt work out what the tall sticks were at the side of the road, then someone told me. We have something similar on roads subject to flooding but they are rarely more than 3', not 15 - 20 ' like those on the Cairngorm roads - thats scary.


Best memory - stayed a couple of nights at thDrumnadrochit Hotel, asked the shopkeeper at the souvenir shop a couple of doors down, if anyone had seen the monster recently. Without a pause he said Yes, shes in back cooking lunch. 


Good luck with you application, hope to see you here soon.



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Posted 07 August 2013 - 09:18 am


Scotland is a paradise for a driving holiday. Unfortunately the weather is terrible and the last few summers were a washout. Add in the scourge of the Midge ( like tiny Mosqitos with wee man syndrome and plenty of back up) and enjoying the outdoors can be very challenging.
My in-laws stayed just up the road from Drumnadrochit on the banks of Loch Ness. Very picturesque it was. Also very wet all year round.

In relation to the benefits offered by WA police.
1. Is the Medical benefit for officers and their families?
2. Just how do you handle patrolling in the heat?

Once again thanks for the information guys. It's very much appreciated.


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Posted 08 August 2013 - 02:20 pm



1. The medical benefits are limited to employees only, the family misses out. However they do offer a relatively good deal through an agency that is quite reasonable if you desire private health care.  Other than that medicare ( equivalent of the NHS) is not too bad.


As coppers we are not entitled to workers comp. Outrageous I know.... So that's the reason why we get 6 months sick leave a year. The cops will pay to patch you up and chuck in a bit of rehab if you need it. I have copped numerous injuries on the job so know the system pretty well. You can score a bit of criminal compensation if you injured as a result of an offence, but sweet bugger all else. Health and welfare can be a bit hit and miss when attempting to look after you after being injured I have discovered. I know many police that don't rate them at all.


2. How to handle patrolling in the heat? Wear your hat, sunscreen and stay in the air-conditioned car. Haven't seen a foot patrol for years, which is why so many of us are fat I suppose. Its only hot for about 2 months of the year and will only get to about 45 degrees for about 2 weeks where I am. Perth hits 43 on the odd occasion but mostly high to mid 30's for a couple of months.


May have to make the Haggis here, Customs are pretty hot on people bringing in food to Australia.





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Posted 15 August 2013 - 09:28 am

Scooter, once again thanks for the reply.

Ah good old customs eh. There I was fresh after the 19 hour plane ride and full of the joys having finally arrived in Oz to visit family. 2004 it was. A day etched on my memory as I met my first bonafide Australian. Yes, a customs officer. Possibly the grumpiest, most sullen looking individual I've ever had the misfortune to offer a greeting too. Scarred me it did.

Anyway, perhaps you can answer a few more of my, by now, banal questions.

Shift pattern? How far in advance do you get it? Over here its about 37,000 years in advance which makes planning for childcare a schoosh.

Any current high profile operations on going that you know about that I should know about?

Feel free to PM me details if you'd prefer.

Right, that's all for now mate. I'm now off to start sewing oats and a sheeps stomach in to the lining of my Bermudas. That grumpy, sullen looking chap is about to meet his match.



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