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Willing to wait and be a special for a few years, what do you think my chances are?

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Posted 28 January 2013 - 11:25 pm


Im 21, Ive been interested in joining the Police for a decade. Just as I was gearing up to apply at 18, the budget cuts happened and I was pretty demoralised by the lack of recruitment.

Now Ive decided I dont mind waiting. If I continue to work and do special constabulary in my spare time for a year or two, would they consider me for full time?

Im just worried about my qualifications. I have pretty good GCSE's (2A's 6B's and 2C's) but at A Level I only have a C and an E. I know there are minimal formal educational requirements for the Police, but surely in practice it's a lot higher due to competition?

I also need to loose weight, put some on since leaving college. But I can do that.

The things I have going for me are:

- I had one week work experience with Merseyside Police, and one week with the Magistrates Court Mental Health Liason service for my mandatory work experience in Year 10.

- I was a Police Cadet between ages 16-18

- Been a cub leader since age 16, still do this weekly.

- Worked as a care worker for elderly for 1 year, currently work as the solitary night warden at sheltered accomodation for the elderly, responsible for the welfare of 47 residents through the night.

Do you think I have a good chance? I just dont want to waste my time, Im getting pretty angsty about my progress through life atm, and Ive drifted long enough. Dont want to chase another dead end.

Cheers :)

#2 OFFLINE   Frank Drebin

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Posted 28 January 2013 - 11:35 pm

Mate, tbh, nobody really knows what chance you have. Recruitment is at a virtual standstill, when it reopens properly there will be floods of applicants. It will depend a lot on who else applies at the same time as you and you get paper sifted against. Taken on it's own your 'cv' as it were seems strong enough to me, however I'm just a regular copper, not in recruitment or anything.


If you're really dead set on joining the police then there's really only one thing to do isn't there,... Try.


FWIW I'd suggest looking closely at the job and make sure it really is what you want though. Being a police officer is an excellent job. Working for the police is somewhat less excellent. (You may not get what I mean by that, but you will in time if you get in),...... In any case, good luck.

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Posted 30 January 2013 - 04:47 pm

Being a special isn't a guaranteed route into the regulars, however in my opinion I guess it will give you a fairly decent insight into what you may get yourself into! I too really want to be a police officer, it's been a lifelong dream, I've even applied to Strathclyde (bare in mind I live in the East Midlands) and I am currently now in their selection process, due to do a fitness at the end of this week. If you really want something you should chase it, it could be years until you finally get into your home force, so maybe even consider a big move and follow the dream! Just a suggestion :smile:

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Posted 31 January 2013 - 10:17 pm

Educational qualificatons mean very little.......if you can write and talk well then there will be no issue. Formal education is only really looked at in relation to the High Potential Scheme, which involves intensive academic work.


I think you have a fair bit of life experience and if you sell yourself well enough, it should put you in a good position.


I say it time and time again, but be careful about thinking the job is something it isn't. If I knew what it would be like, I'd have never joined.


But if you want to go for it, best of luck.



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