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strathclyde divisions

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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently waiting on vetting for Strathclyde and in my initial interview was unable to answer a few questions entirley and so I have been studying so that I can answer all of these if (fingers crossed) I get to the final interview.

One of the questions was to name all of the division Letters and their corrosponding areas, I could only name a few which I had got from another applicant before such as H-traffic or training??, Q- south Lanarkshire (think thats right dont have my notes!) anyway I have been unable to find a comprehensive list, does anyone know them for definate or even better have the link to a list for me!

I would be really grateful as the list I found that someone had posted seemed really short

Thanks Guys

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A division - Glasgow Central and West

B division - Glasgow North East and East Dunbartonshire

G division - Glasgow South and East Renfrewshire

K division - Renfrew and Inverclyde

L division - Argyle & Bute and West Dunbartonshire

N division - North Lanarkshire

Q division - South Lanarkshire

U division - Ayrshire


T - Traffic

H - Headquarters (also training)

V - Support

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Try the Force Specific area of the forum as look in the Strathclyde section for more information.

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