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Prominent Edinburgh businessman videoed us having sex without my consent

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I lived in Edinburgh for one year and during that time was the girlfriend of a prominent Edinburgh businessman. Six weeks before my UK working holiday VISa expired we broke up. For one month post break up, this person became increasingly abusive, derogatory and unpredictable in his manner and behaviour (texts, emails, driving past my house) and it got to a point where I was so scared from the content of the communications (threats to come to my work and try to get me fired, to come to my house and get me evicted, threats to contact family) that I attended at a police station and explain my case.

The police I spoke to agreed to make contact with this person. They did, however the contact did not cease. The police explained to me that, while the communication was unwanted and unpleasant, I only had six weeks left in the country and the process to go through to get an intervention order would probably take as long, if not longer than my remaining time. They said if he threatened assault or violence (which he did not) then to contact him again, but basically, there was nothing they could do.

Stupidly, and partly out of fear, I spent my last two weeks in Edinburgh with this man. I made it clear to him I did not want to get back with him and that I just wanted to leave everything on a positive note.

One week before my departure we slept together.

After leaving the UK and returning to Australia (where I am from) the contact (via email and phone) has increased in intencity, frequency and the content has gotten considerable worse. He is abusive (calling me a slut and a whore), threatening (saying he's going to "humiliate" me, that he has all the time in the world to pursue me).

He claims to have, during the last time we slept together, made a video of us which he is currently editing to only show me (ie. blank his face out) and which he plans to "distrubute" (his words). I never gave me consent to be videoed. In fact, I caught him doing this once (he set up a camera beside the bed) and I was hysterical when I found it. I made it clear I DID NOT want to be videoed.

This man has family in Australia and plans to come here in January.

I sent the following email to him yesterday, and added an app to my phone to block his calls and texts. I also blocked his email address from my email address. I also sent him the following email. Today, he bought a new sim card and sent me a text message saying the video is "almost ready for distribution" and to, quote " victoria police".

What can I do about this video? What are me rights? Would contacting Edinburgh police and explaining the situation do anything? Would the police contact him again and explain that it's illegal to do what he's threatening to do? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Request to cease contact

This is a request that you cease all contact with me via any means. This includes phone, email, Facebook or through a third party (ie. passing messages on through friends, previous co-workers etc.) I also request that you do not contact my friends, family or anyone known to me with whom you have no previous relationship.

My mobile number

At the request of me and with the assistance of Victoria Police my phone now has international barring in place. Any call you make from your home phone or mobile phone to my mobile will be automatically cut off after 2 seconds of ringing, but the register of the call will be logged in a file on my phone. Any text you send to me will be automatically responded to with an error message and logged in a file in my phone. Any text or log of a phone call after 12:00 Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time on 08/10/2013 will be considered a breach of this request.

Any contact you attempt to make to my friends, family members or anyone known to me whom you have not established a previous relationship after 12:00 Eastern Daylight Savings Time on 08/10/2013 will be considered a breach of this request.

As you are the only person in the United Kingdom who has been provided with my current mobile number any contact made to from the United Kingdom of a threatening, derogatory or otherwise unpleasant nature will be treated as originating from you, due to distribution of my mobile number by you or in some way as a direct result of your actions and a breach of this request.

All correspondence to my email addresses from your email address will be automatically deleted by my email unwanted messages filter, including any response you attempt to make to this request.

Photos/Videos taken with/without my consent

I request that any photos/videos taken without my consent be destroyed immediately, and the three indecent images you sent to my phoneon 07/10/2013 be destroyed also. The source of photos and videos can always be traced back to it's origin (ie. make and model of device used to create the images) and where it was first uploaded (computer make and model; town, city and country) and the date and time of creation of videos or images can always be proven. It is illegal to distribute indecent images (including images showing nudity) without the prior consent of the person pictured or videoed and any pictures of videos of an indecent nature discovered by me or made known to me by anyone on any medium will be considered a breach of this request, and a serious breach of Scottish Common Law.

If what you confirmed via text message regarding videoing me without my consent is true, then the charge is 'voyuerism' and it's punishable by up to two years in prison: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2003/42/section/67

Interim Intervention Order

While I have requested the assistance of Victoria Police I have not made any formal complaint against you. A formal complaint made against you would in all likelihood result in an Interim Intervention Order. It costs me nothing, I do not have to hire a lawyer and you do not have to be present, and it would be a formal recording of my request for you to cease contact with me, and all copies of correspondence sent to me by you would be made available to the court. This would mean any attempt to enter Australia would flag this record and I have been informed that, while access to Australia is made on a case by case basis and there is no guarantee that you would be denied entry, once I action this and include a copy of the report I logged with Edinburgh police, copies of all previous correspondence of an abusive, threatening and derogatory nature and your current veiled threats to contact my family and friends, in all likelihood, you would be denied entry. If you were denied entry once, the likelihood of you ever being able to enter the country would be minimal. I realise this would mean you, in all likelihood, would never see your father again, or be able to take Ben or Lily to see your father, and this is the only reason why I haven't made application to the court already. Even if you were not denied entry, this record would exist forever, and every time you entered the country the record would flag a warning and you would in all likelihood, be questioned every time you attempted to enter.

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I guess what I want to know is, if I send copies of everything he's ever sent me (texts, emails etc) to Edinburgh police, would they contact him and explain to him if he DOES have a video made without my consent and he DOES release it he can get into serious trouble? I want to avoid this video getting onto the internet, if I can help it.

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Get your local Police to contact them and ask for local enquiry .

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The trouble he could get in is a little tricky. And the trouble he could get in for releasing a tape is also tricky. It would probably be best asking a solicitor.

You can contact police and ask them to speak to them. But police can have some tricky procedures when it comes to domestic incidents. It can be a bit tricky to stop them taking the matter as far as possible once you start them off.

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