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Transferring existing pension into the PPS 2006

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Hi Guys,

I am joining the Met this month and have an existing pension with a former company which I have converted into a private pension.

Is it possible to transfer the pension into the Police Pension Scheme 2006?



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Hullo Matey

Yes you can transfer in all your previous pensions to your Police pension. I did it with mine. Contact the Police Payroll department. They'll probably ask you to provide them with the name, address and policy number of the company you held your Pension with. They may also also ask you to write a letter authorising the Pension company to release the information to the Police.

Hope this helps.

Andy M

Northumbria Police

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Yes even a private pension. The force will work out how many years police pension your private pension is worth. The decision of whether or not to transfer the funds is not, however as simple as it used to be. In 2015 those officer on the 2006 scheme will be forced to move onto the 2015 career average scheme, and essentially you will be working until 60 before you get any police pension. It may be worth keeping your private pension private and have it as an extra pension when the time comes. It would also give you some sort of flexibility if at some point you decide that you do not want to be brawling with drunken teenagers when you are nearing sixty. As with all important decisions discuss it with someone who can provide you with more specialist advice.

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