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PVG (Discloure) Check - Fixed Penalty Notice

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I will shortly require undertaking a new PVG (enhanced disclosure) check for continued registration to a professional body. I have a problem in that I recently received a Fixed Penalty Notice. I paid this straight away and was told that it didn't constitute a criminal conviction or mean I would have a criminal record. However, I've started to worry about this and am seeing mixed information online.

On the Scottish Government website, I found this information:

Non-conviction information (Access to this information is by virtue of section 49 of the PVG Act)

Information which the chief officer of a relevant police force thinks might be relevant to the regulated work carried out by a scheme member. The information may relate to civil orders, fixed penalty fines, pending cases or police intelligence. Non-conviction information can also appear on those enhanced disclosures that will remain under the 1997 Act. (available at http://www.scotland.gov.uk/publications/2009/11/05140540/10 ).

This would lead me to believe that the FPN could show up on my PVG. Other sources I have found states it would only appear if a police constable dealing with it found the information relevant to include.

I also saw another post on this forum of a person in the same situation who was trying to ascertain if a FPN would show up on their Disclosure. Someone replied they believed so and another replied they didn't believe so. I would really like a definitive response so I can stop worrying... or start worrying more, I guess. Any help on this matter would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Thanks for your input but I'm not sure. Non-conviction information should only be provided by police force if relevant to the position. It definitely isn't relevant. In any case it wouldn't stop me from doing my job, I just don't want it disclosed due to embarrassment really...

As an existing PVG Scheme Member I would only require an update, which doesn't show any new vetting information such as non-convictions. It would simply state if there was any new vetting information. I also found some information that stated I could dispute it if it did show up due to it not being relevant. So to my understanding, it wouldn't make sense to disclose non-relevant information.

What does "AFAIK" mean?

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