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Big Decision to Leave Job!!

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After 8 years in the police force I decided to apply for another job with the local council and I have been offered the position.It will mean the same pay, 11 mins from home and not the 1 hour commute each way, permanent position and 60/40 office based. 

The reason I applied was to re address my work and home life balance having an 8 week and 3 year old sons. 

I now have the dilemma of leaving the police service and is the grass always greener on the other side? 

I'm struggling with postives at this time to remain in the career that I wanted so badly!! The plan when I started was to go on cid but after seeing them in action or lack of it just waiting for all enquires to be done and just being a glorified interviewer it doesn't appeal to me. Perhaps this is just my force. I have thought of other areas to work in the force and nothing seems that appealing and some are almost impossible to get into. 

What's peoples advice am I mad to be considering leaving?? 

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There are pretty  much two certainties - that initially the grass IS always greener on the other side, and you probably noticed that when you left your prev job to join the police. Secondly, by default, once you ave settled into the new job (Whatever it may be), the grass becomes less green and you start to find reason for fault or discontent.
It reads as if you had a desire to join the job and then found it wasn't what you wanted - doesn't that remind you of choosing a new car, wallpaper, pretty much anything that you absolutely craved and then found reason to decide it wasn't for you after all.  Its a bold, brave and in my view, sensible and brave person who has the opportunity and chooses their work to match the life/work balance.  By the sounds of it there is no loss financially. In local government you may find opportunities for development / promotion in the future.  within reason its a fairly secure, financially sound and structured place to work.
There are lots of saying along the lines of regretting what you didn't do is greater than the loss of not doing it etc.  What's the worst that can happen?  Stay and get locked into 35 years in the hope of a pension and being miserable, leaving and getting "locked" out of the police.  
Do a quick internet search of SWOT analysis and do it for this decision.  PM if you want  

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