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Time limitation to provide a statement

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Not too sure if it's the right forum.... but thank you for any advice/ thoughts

The events took place over 2 years ago. 

Ms Anonymous goes to a party. She has been drinking a lot but is happy and dancing. 
At one point she gets approached by someone whom she has known for 17 years but fell out with and quite a few of his friends. She reluctantly agrees to speak with him but he verbally abuses her and manages to make her cry. She walks away 3 times, yet he carries on. She finds herself leaning against the bar where he starts some more and not being able to take it anymore, she punches him. He punches her back, she falls on the floor. She is helped up, on the way out she sees his friends, he is holding a plastic bottle, she grabs it to throw water on him, he strangles her. She is pulled away and walks away, the person she came with hands her her jacket, at this point Ms Anonymous is pretty much ready to fight the all world and slaps her. The woman defends herself quite heavily. Outside a 3rd man yells abuses at her. She walks away in distress. Walks on the streets, wanting to go home, crying heavily. The Uber she calls does not take her due to her bruises. 
Ms Anonymous reports the assault once home. She makes it clear it's because she is afraid for hers as well as her children's safety. The people who took part know where she lives and what car she drives. 

The police makes her feel as thought it is her fault. She is afraid of giving her statement or to give the pictures to the police. 
She receives a phone call from the police officer dealing with her, who tells her/ warns her from going to a certain area as and I quote "we have spoken with L. (Who was not implicated in the attack, but was the girlfriend of one of the guys) they are afraid of you and think you are dangerous. They are getting an injonction against you" 
Ms Anonymous has found it really hard to deal with it all and feels she has been wrongly/ unfairly treated given the circumstances. 
She had finally closed the door, unfortunately following an incident at the weekend involving her 15 year old son, she feels victimised again/ bullied. She would like to know if it's too late to give her statement as it's been over 2 years which would also help her bring closure onto those events that have haunted her since it happened.  

Thank you for any advice. 

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Not worth contacting police as some of the offences you have disclosed have a 6 month limit. As for the rest it probobly would not be in the public interest to resurrect due to how much time had passed and the minor level of the incident. 

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Too late as above. And Ms Anonymous was lucky she wasn't prosecuted at the time.

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Thank you for the replies. Regarding her being prosecuted, she is aware it is a risk she would have faced, however the "injuries" she sustained were not invisible, the force of the retaliation was quite bad from the other parties. 

The reason why she went back to the police is because one of the parties involved had a verbally aggressive encounter with verbal threats towards her 15 year old son. He took 3 women to stand between the 54ish old man and the 15 year old and to get him away from him, unharmed. 

Unfortunately the police was unable to record the event because it had only happened one time. 

By going back to the police, she was simply trying to protect her son. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and reply. 

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