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Hello All,

My parents are currently having an issue with a couple of adult males who live in their local area in Leeds. This is a case that has a history so I'll have to explain. About 15 years ago my dad was walking his dogs in a local forest in Leeds when he was approached by two young lads (one early teens, one late teens) who accused him of attacking one of them about a week prior to that. Now my dad is about the least violent person I know and there's no way he'd randomly attack a young kid he didn't know for no reason. So he denied it was him and said they were mistaking him for someone else but they wouldn't buy it. They ended up phoning their mum who turned up and started screaming and shouting threats at him and wouldn't let him leave. In the end someone phoned the police who arrested my dad on suspicion of assault (fair enough since they had to investigate the complaint).

Police interviewed my dad who had a rock-solid alibi for the day of the attack (if he even happened) proving it wasn't him. When the police explained this to the two young lads though they still didn't believe it but had to leave it there (or so it seemed).

Now a bit of info about the two lads. Obviously police wouldn't tell us who they are but did inform us that they are both hard-core drug addicts (heroine) who were "known to the police" with a long list of crimes against them, in and out of juvenile detention, from a broken home (single-parent, mum only), history of anti-social behaviour and so on. So not the nicest lads in the world.

A couple of weeks went by and they somehow found out where my parents live (probably random chance, they live not too far from the estate these lads live on). Me and my brother were living in the house at the time (this is about 15 years ago) and it's about 1am in the morning when there was a massive bang and the sound of breaking glass. Looking out the bedroom window these two lads were in the street throwing bricks at the house windows and had put the main living room windows through. Me and brother ran out and chased them off but we got close enough to know it was them. One of the bricks they threw through the window had a note attached to it threatening to kill my dad - we know where you live now, we're gonna kill you etc. Phoned police who then went to talk to the two lads but they simply denied it was them. This also when we found out their mum constantly covers for them - she thinks the police victimises her sons and just said they were at home at the time. Police informed us this was typical behaviour for their mum and she just lied all the time to cover up for them. Police took the threatening note as evidence but this was lost for some reason so the case was me & my brothers word against theirs and their mums so nothing further happened.

A few weeks after that they turned up again during the day and vandalised my parents caravan which was in their driveway. The incident was captured on CCTV and police called, evidence handed over etc. Again the two lads were questioned but again nothing further happened. A short while after that they attacked my dad in the street - nothing physically serious but they threatened him and as he was walking away they pushed him over and he fell to the ground. There were witnesses to this but they were either my family of neighbours of my parents, friends basically so it was considered these were not independent witnesses. Again they denied it was them, their mum gave them an alibi and nothing happened.

Over the next few years these incidents continued, probably nothing as serious but it was threats against both my dad and mum, other members of my family, some low level criminal damage etc. Often we had evidence (CCTV, witness etc) but nothing went further than them being questioned by the police.

It then went quiet for a few years, we think one or both of them may have been in prison. However about a month ago when my dad was at the local shop with my 16-year old sister they approached him again (in public) and starting shouting at him, threatening him etc. My dad walked away, they followed him for a bit, more abuse etc. This has happened three times in the last month now and the police are due to come round again to talk to my parents and also have a word with these two lads (who by now are both late 20's/early 30's so fully grown men basically).

The police's current plan is to explain to them both that my dad had nothing to do with original accusation (one of them being attacked) but they have tried this any number of times before and it makes no difference, they just continue to harass and attack them. Just to re-iterate, this has been going on now for FIFTEEN YEARS. Both my parents have recently retired and now basically live in constant fear of what these two will do next. Legal response so far seems to have zero affect on the behaviour or these two lads. To be honest the times I've had contact with them they've been so off their faces I don't think they even knew what planet they were on so I don't hold out much hope they'll listen to reason this time.

So I'm posting this because I want to know what steps could be taken to legally enforce some sort actual solution, e.g. could an injunction be taken out against them, ASBO, restraining order etc? They won't stop simply because the police tell them (yet again) that my dad had nothing to do with assaulting one of them and given the state of mind they are often in (high as a kite) I worry that it could turn violent or fatal one day soon.

Thanks in advance for any help / advice

Richard R

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Any advice on a specific area of law is from either currently-serving UK police officers, and is offered to the best of their ability, or from members of the public who are perhaps aspiring to be serving police officers and may not hold the necessary level of knowledge to provide such assistance or by any other member who may offer their opinion. Either way such advice can only be treated as an opinion and nothing more. Members should look for the Verified Members Badge that appears on the posters name as advice from members holding this badge are verified police employees. The information is based on their own individual experiences, expertise and training. It is stressed, however, that if any information or advice found in these forums is used by any person or organisation, then the respective police officer(s) and staff can not and will not take any responsibility for any outcome in any investigation in a criminal or civil enquiry. Any advice or opinion offered is to the best of the individuals knowledge and ability based on the information you have supplied, and we will stress that we will never be knowingly misleading or untruthful in content.

[*]Please note, we do not offer advice or assistance in order to avoid penalties that you have incurred or maybe pending. [*]Such requests are deemed to be of an Operational nature and against our main Forum Rules. [*]You should always seek Legal Advice from a Qualified Solicitor in the event of any impending prosecutions or other involved legal matter.

Administration Team UKPoliceOnline

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The evidence you describe is sufficient for the police to record a crime of Harassment with Violence and this should have been done and investigated. Unfortunately the police do not always do things the right way and make assumptions about the chances of someone admitting something or going to court and so they say they will give 'words of advice'. Nice people think this is the best thing because the professional officer tells them. Don't just accept it. Say you want the crime number for the Harassment that they are obliged to record. Then regularly check what is happening. If you are told 'nothing' you have a right to review. So ask for an independent review of the case.
They should also speak to a solicitor who can take steps through the civil law.
None of this means the hassle won't continue, because it sounds like these are career criminal idiots who just don't care but if they realise that your parents won't just take it then hopefully they will direct their idiocy elsewhere.

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