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Hi all - I’ve recently completed my probation period with West Midlands Police and within the next 2 years will look to relocate back where my family live (Surrey), and will apply for a transfer. I know very little about transferring at present, so looking for some info. 

I am booked on to undertake my taser x26 course in December this year, and just awaiting a date for my response driving course and PO level II. Does anyone know whether we can take these tickets with us when we transfer or will we lose this and have to retrain with our new force all over again to obtain these?

 Thanks in advance.

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The training courses delivered are to a national standard so you should* be able to transfer force and remain in ticket. Your old force will just need to send proof of training to your new force.

A few guys transferred to my team with exactly this.

* I have heard stories of some forces’ DTU’s refusing to authorise transferees tickets without passing some of their tests first, but this was some time ago. 

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